Your voice in music.

Find out what people are saying about the latest album. Watch opinions change over time. Arrive at your community.

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Critica made for you.

Critica is a powerful application for music. Your opinions and interests in music shape your experience on the platform.

  • be authentic

    You don't have to be a music connoisseur. Whether you choose to agree and disagree with others, Critica enables you to find your community and build an identity of your own.

  • Shape your content

    Based on your listening patterns, Critica predicts your interests and introduces you to the most relevant content. 

  • Steer the conversation

    Your opinions have impact. Critica uses AI, sentiment analysis, and in-app playback to involve you in deeper, more meaningful dialogue. 

Jump into real conversations.

"It completes the experience. A new album comes out, and I can listen to it and talk about it with people in a way that feels human. "

Critica made for artists.

Critica For Artists is committed to providing artists tools to share their music, engage directly with their audience, and receive feedback from the community.  

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Get to know us.

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