Today, music is disposable. However, there's potential in the music industry to connect artists with their audiences, champion indiviudal thought, and allow conversations to lead with opinions.

We’re completely shifting the landscape, where Critica puts your voice in music.

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    Obinna Okoli

    Obi is a Junior, studying Computer Science and Economics at Columbia University. He has experience in music production, UI/UX Design, front-end development, and product management. 

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    Muse Gimicael

    Muse is a Junior, studying Computer Science at Columbia University, with an interest in Operating Systems. He has experience in mobile app development, game design, and animation.

Meet the Team

From a diverse set of backgrounds, technology-focused experiences, and an undivided passion for expression, we are changing how we engage with music.

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    Miira Efrem

    Miira is a Junior studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University. She has experience in backend web and mobile application development.

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    Hagir Khalil

    Hagir is a Junior at Columbia University majoring in African Studies and Computer Science. She has experience organizing a mental health forums, leading workshops, and managing various campus events. 

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    Asia Gray

    Asia is a Sophomore studying Computer Science at Columbia University's School of Engineering. She has experience in User Research and UI/UX Development.

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    Chukwudubem Anwunah

    Dubem is a Junior studying Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University while also on the pre-medical track. He has experience assisting in the operations of family businesses both in the United States and Nigeria.

  • Our Mission

    We're changing how we engage with music. 

    Made up of 6 Columbia University students, we perform Front-end/Back-end Development, UI/UX, Product Management, and Marketing. 

  • Our Culture

    We're building a place of camaraderie and belonging. We are self-driven, collaborative, and learn from each other.

    The Critica Team is incentivized by our unique strengths and crafting the best experience for our users. We are goal-oriented and apply our personality and values to define how we develop our product and influence the conversation surrounding music.

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